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04/26/2016      RALEIGH — The Division of Employment Security (DES) has begun the process of applying benefit charges to employer accounts quarterly instead of annually. The change is part of legislation enacted in 2015 and puts North Carolina in line with other states.
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01/04/2016      Unemployment Claimants Now Required to Make Five Employer Contacts Per Week
11/20/2015      North Carolina Employers Set to Save More Than $550 Million in Taxes in 2015-2016
11/18/2015      DES Employee Honored with Governor’s Award of Excellence
09/22/2015      Division of Employment Security Improves Online Claims Filing Experience for Customers
08/13/2015      Division of Employment Security Successfully Transitions to New Debit Cards for Unemployment Benefits
07/01/2015      Permanent Rules Approved for the Division of Employment Security
06/16/2015      Division of Employment Security Rolls Out New Debit Cards for Unemployment Benefits
06/15/2015      Commerce Department Connects 100,000 Unemployment Insurance Claimants to Job Services, Reduces Fraud
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09/18/2015      RALEIGH — The state’s seasonally adjusted August unemployment rate was 5.9 percent, remaining unchanged from July’s revised rate. The national rate declined 0.2 of a percentage point to 5.1 percent.
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08/21/2015      North Carolina’s July Employment Figures Released
07/21/2015      North Carolina’s June Employment Figures Released
06/19/2015      North Carolina's May Employment Figures Released
05/27/2015      North Carolina’s April Employment Figures Released
09/30/2015      RALEIGH — Unemployment rates (not seasonally adjusted) decreased in 86 of North Carolina’s counties in August, increased in four counties, and remained unchanged in 10 counties.
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09/01/2015      North Carolina’s July County and Area Employment Figures Released
07/29/2015      North Carolina’s June County and Area Employment Figures Released
07/01/2015      North Carolina’s May County and Area Employment Figures Released
06/03/2015      North Carolina’s April County and Area Employment Figures Released